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Mind. Body. Spirit.

Divine Regeneration

Wellness protocols include cellular renewal, anti-aging, skincare, detoxes, cleanses, strategic supplementation, and medicinal teas.

Divine Renewal

Our restorative programs are designed to renew your mind and spirit. Through our unique methods by identifying root issues long term emotional wounds are resolved.

Why Divine Health Center

Emotional Wholeness

Emotional shrapnel from the storms of this life can wound us. These kinds of wounds make it clear that wellness depends on so much more than just the physical realm. Wellness involves the entire being — body, soul and spirit

Top Practitioners

We work with the best practitioners in regenerative health. Our practitioners help people see the power of the mind and the link between science and God. This provides our clients with cutting edge solutions to their wellness needs.

Divine Wellness

Guests of the Divine Healing Days are welcomed into a safe and loving environment to process past hurts with professional practitioners and to learn how to replace fear, anxiety and shame with the truth of who God created them to be
“Amazing! I am currently fighting addiction, and this is exactly what I needed. I gained a better understanding of how to speak to God. Today I gained so much hope, and freedom”

“It was a wonderful day. I was blessed in each area, each step. The setting was lovely, comfortable and absolutely spirit filled. Each session was such a blessing to me! Everyone was so loving!”

“I feel nourished; mind, body, and spirit. This is the most complete holistic experience I have ever had. The environment, the food, the practitioners were all wonderful. Healed and hopeful!”

Divine Alignments

Partnered with Industry Leading Practitioners.

We have procured the top practitioners in regenerative health to provide our clients with cutting edge solutions for their wellness needs.

Divine Wellness

Divine Regeneration restores harmony and wholeness to every cell in your body. We have procured the finest supplements that are natural, and non GMO’s.

Divine Tea’s
Divine Detox
Healthy Diet
Holistic Cleanses
Reduce Inflammation

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