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The Trinity Program

The Trinity Program focuses on healing all three areas of each individual - the Body, Soul and Spirit.

The Divine Health Center – At The Gage Hotel

The Divine Health Center is a place where you will experience rejuvenation of the trinity of your life—Body, Soul, and Spirit.  We are a retreat conference based facility focusing on personal recovery and healing.   Leading and equipping individuals to live out their Divine Design, we accomplish this by, utilizing tools and programs that promote being triune in nature.  We are dedicated to nurturing each person in their entirety by having cutting edge teachings by renowned speakers.  The Divine Health Center offers, seminars and conferences that are faith and biblically- based, intensive counseling, integrated healthcare services, state-of-the-art fitness equipment, yoga classes, hiking, swimming and spa services including relaxing massages and nourishing body wraps.  A Refuge for the World from the World.


Dr. Mark Jones

Dr. Mark Jones is the Founder of the Trinity Program® (resolve-restore-retrain ) which is a faith-based retreat program.

Mark Verkler

Dr. Mark Verkler utilizes experiential therapy techniques and methods to help clients achieve dramatic results.

Bobby Allen

Bobby Allen's biblical teaching equips you to enjoy a life of relational freedom with God and other people.

Shirley Williams

Shirley shares her testimony believing for transforming revelations that will bring many into Divine Health.

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