The Divine Health Center – Rejuvenation of the Trinity Body Soul and Spirit – Coming Soon!

The Divine Health Center began as a lecture-based series hosted at the Historic Gage Hotel.  We were a retreat, conference-based facility focusing on personal recovery and healing. We have now consulted some of the top experts in integrative health to guide you where diagnosis-based medicine has failed. At the Divine Health Center – now headquartered in San Antonio – we want to radically change the way you think about health and disease. Our therapies are like nothing else on the market. We offer a unique approach to helping you reach optimal health by identifying the underlying causes of disease and addressing them.

A Beautiful Sanctuary

The 10,000 sq ft historic masterpiece will be updated with state of the art appointments for this one-of-a-kind center. We are working with the most distinguished and innovative architects setting the benchmark of design excellence in San Antonio. This private tree laden sanctuary is on 12 acres perfectly situated for ultimate seclusion just minutes away from downtown and the airport. Our A-list customer will find a haven from the pressures of everyday life where one can reinvigorate the total being.

A Healing Atmosphere

In an atmosphere geared towards healing and detoxification our specialized programs will bring harmony and alignment to your health. Our skilled staff coupled with computer analysis will create a customized plan for you through targeting deficiencies in your physical and emotional health. Top experts in each respective field will suggest treatments and supplements specifically formulated from various testing methods.

The overall program will include: mental, emotional healing, specialized care in integrative medicine, preventative care, detoxing your brain, meditation, diet, nutrition and supplement dietary plans, juicing, organic diet, aromatherapy, foot detox-baths, infrared spa, hyperbaric oxygen therapy pods, hormone replacement, rif machine, massage, and exercise. All to bring you back to your Divine Health.